My Fave Affordable Skincare Brands for When You're Broke, But Still Want to Buy Serums

All my fellow skincare-obsessed friends out there can agree with me when I say that skincare can be really expensive. A $200 serum? That better give me perfect skin, curl my hair, make me breakfast and do my makeup every morning.

Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good, and just because a product is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. Skincare always boils down to ingredients and formulation so, next time you’re looking for a new moisturizer, here are my favorite quality skincare brands that won’t take all your money.

The Ordinary



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The Ordinary offers affordable skincare with quality, simple ingredients. It makes everything from cleansers to hyaluronic acid serums to retinol, so you can create a full routine with just one shop. The best part? All of The Ordinary's products are mostly under the $10-$12 mark! I recommend the Niacinamide serum as your first add-to-cart pick. 

Revolution Beauty



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Revolution recently launched its own line of budget skincare, and it’s very similar to The Ordinary. Revolution is usually second-to-market and creates products similar to high-end brand products for a fraction of the price. What works for the brand is that its products are usually really good. It has a variety of serums, mists and primers, and the most expensive product in the line is $14.

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Fourth Ray Beauty



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Fourth Ray is Colourpop’s sister line of skincare, so think quality products with a wallet-friendly price tag. I just did a Fourth Ray haul, so I can fully say that it has some great face products with everything mostly under $14. I totally recommend the Rose Face Milk and the face oils. The packaging is gorgeous too, so you’ll be proud to display it on your vanity.

The InKey List



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The InKey List will be online and in-store at Sephora by the end of April. It offers a variety of different skincare products like acid serums and face masks, all of which are under $15. Plus, the entire line is made up of only 15 ingredients so you know the products won’t be filled with fragrances and fillers.

Peach Slices



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Peach Slices is a drugstore line from the K-Beauty brand, Peach and Lily. K-beauty is known for its unique innovations and creative ingredients, so this line won’t disappoint. It has a fun face mask and moisturizers that all come in the cutest, most aesthetic packaging. I absolutely love the Peach Pudding makeup remover.

Trader Joe's



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Don’t sleep on Trader Joe's and its beauty products! The beauty section, like the rest of the stuff TJ's sells, us full of quality products that won’t break the bank. I recommend the rose mist, cleansing oil, hair mask, face moisturizer and the vanilla body butter. 

Sephora Collection



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Sephora Collection quietly released a bunch of new skincare that’s clean of parabens, sulfates and labeled a "green" beauty line. Everything is under the $20 mark, and the line includes moisturizers, peel pads, cleansers, eye cream and face masks.




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Cosrx is a K-Beauty brand that's simple, cost-efficient and super effective. Its products range from $5-$30, and you can find them at Ulta Beauty or on Amazon. I totally recommend the pimple patches for shrinking spots overnight.




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Bliss carries some really fun and innovative skincare under the $25 mark, including everything from mint chocolate chip face masks to rose gold foam cleansers! I love Bliss for the fun masks – and I gotta add that the new Rose Gold Rescue line for sensitive skin.

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