Benefit Cosmetics Is Now Available at Urban Outfitters, ICYMI

Benefit Cosmetics is honestly just ~benefiting~ us with all the news lately. From the Benefit Brow Contour Pro to That Lady Thing to Benefit’s new foundation, the brand have been ever-present in our newsfeeds, bathroom counters and our faces lately. Now, Benefit Cosmetics is blessing our news cycle yet again, this time by inhabiting shelves at Urban Outfitters.

That’s right: Urban Outfitters will now carry Benefit Cosmetics products. While we’re still raising our brows at the Brow Contour Pro, we’re all for Benefit Cosmetics expanding to other venues. According to Popsugar, Urban Outfitters has officially started stocking the beauty brand known for its mascara, Benefit Cosmetics. Allure notes that Urban Outfitters won’t sell Benefit Cosmetics’ entire selection at the apparel conglomerate, but the company will retrofit 35 beauty products onto its shelves.

Urban Outfitters is already well-versed in skincare and makeup-derived products. The apparel store already sells an array of nutrition and wellness products and K-beauty products. Though Benefit Cosmetics’ partnership with Urban Outfitters will serve an abridged version of our beneficial faves, Urban Outfitters will sell the new Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, our new fave the Brow Contour Pro, and to the classic Hoola Bronzer.

Although Urban Outfitters is largely known for its controversy and clothing, the company is vicariously breaking into the beauty industry. From Thayers to Mario Badescu and even Milk Makeup, Urban Outfitters already sells a hodge podge of skincare and beauty products. Regardless, we’re glad to see Benefit Cosmetics has also found a home on Urban Outfitters’ shelves.