Bella Hadid Taught Huda Kattan How to Create an Airbrushed Effect With Makeup

Ever wonder how Bella Hadid gets her flawless skin? Well, it's no longer a (Victoria’s) secret. The model spilled her makeup hack to the founder of Huda Beauty, who recently tested the technique, called jamsu, in a video titled “This is Why Everyone is Dunking Their Face Underwater!!”

For those of us who aren’t so familiar with Korean Beauty, jamsu is a technique used to mattify your makeup and skin. The best part of the hack? It's completely free, and you definitely have everything you need to do it at home right now! After applying your foundation, concealer and powder, submerge your freshly made-up face in a bucket of cold water. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Huda below:

At first, Huda wasn’t a fan of the trick; however, after examining the results of the method, namely a better complexion and beautifully set makeup, the makeup goddess decided to stick with it.

The technique is supposed to help reduce the look of texture and pores on the skin, giving you that model-worthy, “maybe she’s born with it” look. One of my own biggest makeup struggles is ensuring that my face doesn’t look “cakey”—which is hard to do after applying primer, foundation, concealer, powder and contour! In the summer heat, unless I bathe in setting spray, there's a good chance my makeup won’t last or look flawless throughout the day. If this easy hack (no matter how much I may hate the cold water in the morning!) does the trick, then sign me up!

Huda explains that the reason this trick works so well is that it seals the makeup into your pores. As long as you spend a bit of extra time cleaning your face at night, and swear to never sleep in your makeup (although you should never do this, with or without jamsu) you shouldn’t have a problem.

What do you think? Will you let jamsu replace your setting spray and need for a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning?