A Beginner’s Guide to Dressing for Festival Season

So it's finally time for you to join the festival crowd! Well, festivals in the moment are amazing – but people neglect to mention the stress that comes with haphazardly throwing together clothes because you didn’t plan out every outfit ahead of time...and with precision. It’s fine, it’s a rookie mistake, we’ve all been there. So, to avoid feeling like a hot mess (literally hot, Coachella Valley is like an oven), we’ve put together the ultimate festival guide to outline everything you need to wear this season, starting with the basics and ending with the trends.


H&M Suede Boots ($79.95)

For the love of G, don't wear open-toed shoes. Unless you want to get your feet stomped on or to end up with a coating of dust that could be mistaken for a sock, just don’t do it. It’s probably best to bring two solid pairs of shoes that you know you're comfortable in so you're not sitting with blisters while your friends are jamming to your favorite artist. A pair of combat boots adds the perfect flair to any boho-grunge outfit, while a pair of sneakers can be versatile for most outfits. And if you’re into the desert cowgirl style, a pair of vintage cowboy boots are encouraged.


Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Recycled Cutoff Denim Levi’s Short, $49.00

Of course you want to plan different bottoms for every one of your outfits. But just in case disaster strikes, have one pair of bottoms that are comfy and would match all of your outfits. These shorts are perfect for when you have a fashion emergency or decide that you actually hate that sequin skirt and need a backup plan. For this, we suggest a pair of black high waisted shorts (they will pretty much match anything no matter what) or some flowy, loose pants.


Urban Outfitters Out From Under Chelsea Lace Triangle Bra, $24.00

Festivals and beaches are the two places where it's completely acceptable to walk around half (or more than half) naked. Even if you’re wearing a full-coverage top, wear a cute bralette underneath. Because per my previous email, festivals get hot. You never know when you might want to shed some layers and show some skin...in which case a cute bralette is the best bet. Better yet, pair it with a jacket and some shorts for an easy, breezy and trendy festival look.


Free People Maricopa Beaded Earrings, $28.00

This is your chance to wear every piece of obnoxious jewelry you’ve always wanted to wear, all at the same time. The easiest way to get an immediate festival look is to layer on piece after piece over any outfit. Wearing multiple necklaces of differing lengths will add some unique flair, as well as flaunting every chunky ring you have. The only rule? The funkier the better. Pro tip: if you don’t want the weight of jewelry, just paint yourself with sparkly body paint for the same effect.


Missguided Black Faux Suede Fringe Biker Jacket, $77.00

Fringe is everywhere this season. Whether it’s a purse or a jacket, fringe will add a ton of texture to your festival look.


Motel Weaver Skirt in Unicorn Disc Sequin, $35.00

This is your time to wear something outrageous that you would never wear in your normal day-to-day to class. While it's great to buy items that you could wear more than once, we suggest getting at least one over-the-top item specifically for your festival weekend. This is where your sparkles and sequins can shine.

Flared Pants

Forever 21 Paisley & Floral Flared Pants, $14.90

Flared pants seem as though they'll never go out of style, especially for a festival look. We’re not complaining! These pants are a great way to stay comfy while looking cute.

Faux Leather

Missguided Black Aztec Print Tassel Circle Bag, $31

If you want to go for a more edgy look, faux leather is for you. Better yet, pair faux leather with faux leather! Opt for some faux leather shorts or a skirt, a bralette and a faux leather jacket (bonus points if the jacket is also decked out in fringe).


Forever 21 Contrast Surplice Bodysuit, $12.90

Trends are moving decades. While the '60s festival look is still a big style, we’re seeing a lot more '70s and '80s pieces making a debut. Bright-colored shorts, rainbow-striped crop tops – you name it. Both Forever 21 and Boohoo are great places to shop for these fashion revivals.

Matching Sets

Revolve X Revolve Goldie Crop, $158.00

Matching sets are a super easy way to get an immediately trendy look. The best part is, you don’t even have to think twice if your two pieces go together!

Knit and Crochet

Missguided Mint Premium Shaggy Cardigan, $77.00

When shopping for festival styles, you’ll see a lot of knit and crochet. Crochet tops give an easy bohemian vibe while a knit, shaggy jacket adds a bit of a boujee flair.