Beauty Trends: The Nail Art Pen

Nail art is nothing new- it has been a hot new accessory over a year. In that time, entire blogs dedicated to the trend have sprung up all over the web and fashion designers have not wasted any time with creating masterful nails of their own for the runway. Now, with the help of a new beauty tool popping up at many retailers, the art shall no longer be left to the masters. What is this new magical beauty phenomenon: the nail art pen.

The tool makes it easy to bring your artful creations to life. Messed up? Nothing a little nail polish cannot fix (and practice makes perfect). Collegiettes can choose from an array of options including Revlon’s Nail Art Collection, featuring neon and glitter hues or Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pen Collection, featuring eight solid shades. Our favorite is the H&M 2 Way Nail Art Pen and Brush (featured above). The tool includes both a traditional nail polish brush, on one side, and a pinpoint pen to draw with, on the other. The polish was applied easily and possessed a glossy finish similar to premium nail polish brands. Collegiettes can test out one of these nail polish pens (or a few) for a hot new set of nails without a trip to the salon.

Images courtesy of: Simmone Seymour.