Beauty Comes in Many Shapes Backstage at Creatures of Comfort

When you have a collection as influenced by Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, as Jade Lai's Spring/Summer 2016 Creatures of Comfort collection is, it's almost a given that the strong, unusual shapes and lines would carry into the beauty looks as well.

Makeup, by Dick Page for Shiseido, featured muted lips, with a touch of foundation on top of a clear lip treatment. Page also used various boldly colored eyeshadows--violets, neon yellow-greens, bright pink-y corals, dark green, and gray, to be exact—painted onto the lid in uneven swipes or arches or even triangles. As Page himself said, "You might as well have fun!" For a spring/summer look, that's exactly what you'd want to do.

Hair, by Jon Reyman for Aveda, had a textured yet natural look that Reyman defined as "undone, unwashed, and asymmetrical." It pulled away from the face to either hang loosely by the ears or get tied up in a floaty braid.

On the nails, a taupe, metallic pink and metallic navy were in store, all by Deborah Lippmann. Each model wore different colored nails.

A trend we're noticing is how each show is featuring more than one standard beauty look, where the colors or hairstyles chosen are (to an extent) based on individual models. For example, Reyman varied between hairstyles depending on models' features, as did Page with eye color and Lippmann with nails. As the beauty landscape changes in the fashion industry, it's interesting to see the subtleties of diversity find their way backstage, where suddenly there's not just one way everyone looks. It's perfect for a Creatures of Comfort show, too—it's a line which has become known for its bold voice.