Bath & Body Works is Bringing Back Our Childhood Faves!

They say that smells can foster the fondest of memories, and nothing proves that theory more than the nostalgic love for our childhood that anything cucumber melon instills. Bath & Body Works defined our adolescense, and if you didn't flaunt one of their signature scents, you were totally out of the loop. Lotions, creams, and shower gels filled our Christmas stockings and birthday wishlists, and we simply couldn't get enough of those fresh and fruity fragrancess.

Now, Bath & Body works is giving you the chance to reclaim your signature scent and relive your delicious smelling childhood. Thanks to fan requests (we love you, whoever you are!) Bath & Body Works has decided to unveil #FlashbackFragrance, releasing six of its trademark scents. White Tea and Ginger, Country Apple, Plumeria, Juniper Breeze, Cucumber Melon, and Pearberry have all made the cut, and as of last week, Bath & Body Works lovers everywhere have gained access to each of the six classics in lotion, cream, shower gel, and mist options. 

So if you get a flashback of your middle school locker room the next time you enter the gym, embrace it! This summer is going to be scent heaven, full of cool, refreshing, and memory-inducing fragrances. 

Which scent have you missed the most?