Announcing Skincare School, The Event of Your Dreams

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Are you obsessed with all things skincare? If so, this event was made for you. Together with First Aid Beauty, we’re excited to announce Skincare School, our first-ever virtual event completely dedicated to skincare! If watching hours of tutorials online and trying brand-new products sounds like an ideal day for you, join us for Skincare School on Monday, May 17th for an immersive beauty experience you won’t forget.

First Aid Beauty is on a mission to solve your skin challenges and provide you with everyday essentials that will help your skin reach its full potential. To help you refresh your routine and find solutions to your skincare concerns, the event will feature helpful how-tos for solving your biggest skincare problems, an engaging masterclass with Hyram, a skin myth debunking session with DermDoctor, exclusive shopping offers, and more! And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home to experience it all. That’s right — grab your comfy sweats, gather your favorite First Aid Beauty products, and get ready to create a self-care corner from home because Skincare School is officially in session. 

RSVP here to receive an exclusive 20% discount available for Skincare School attendees, and you'll be entered to win $1,000+ of First Aid Beauty giveaways. Follow First Aid Beauty and Her Campus on Instagram for exciting updates. See you there!