8 Vanity Trays Worthy Of Your Insta Feed

The best part of collecting new and trendy products for your shelfie is figuring out stylish ways to stash them all over your room – without looking like a skincare and makeup hoarder. Vanity trays don’t just make your mess (and obsession) look better, they also group your products together to give a simplistic essence to your room.

By putting your collections together, your dorm space will feel less cluttered and ready to be photographed for your Insta-feed. Here are 10 gorgeous trays to help you keep your face mist bottles and moisturizer pots happy!

1. Distressed Metal Decorative Trough

Home Depot, homedepot.com, shop now

This rustic little tray will help you stay grounded with a modern twist on an antique style. Your face masks, serums and jewelry will look so cozy and adult when sitting on your desk in this beauty!

2. Blush Glass Catch-All Tray

Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com, shop now

The perfect addition of rose gold to your everyday routine. You’ll feel like royalty when grabbing your favorite summer perfume off this fit-for-a-queen tray.


3. Wave Bath Amenity Tray

Home Depot, homedepot.comshop now

If you're the kind of person who throws their stuff in piles and says, “Hey – as long as I know where it is!”, then this is the tray for you. Throw your rings, Sephora samples and spare change in this adorable, dainty tray for a sweet way to hold your life (and belongings) together.

4. Deny Wooden Tray

Deny Designs, urbanoutfitters.com, shop now

Choose from several different marble-based designs with this flat, framed holder. It's soft and lovely way to display some of your go-to daily products!

5. Decorative Mirror Tray

A & B Home, homedepot.comshop now

Adding a mirror detail to your tray will give an elegant edge to any decor theme. Plus, throw in your shiniest jewelry and the reflection will make your whole room sparkle.

6. Wooden Tray With Rope Handles

Stonebriar, homedepot.com, shop now

This beachy organizer is a great way to keep things organized while still looking cute. You can store it away and pull it out easily thanks to the adorable rope handles.

7. Distressed White and Cornflower Pine Tray

Litton Lane, homedepot.com, shop now

If you like a nautical theme, this tray is perfect for your vanity. Beach vibes are also an amazing way to decorate your bathroom space because they're simple and have a clean feeling. Put this on your counter and fill it with your morning must-haves to feel like you’re on vacay all year long.

8. Mendel Rose Gold Decorative Tray 

Mendel White & Gold Decorative Tray, homedepot.com, shop now



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