7 Collegiettes on the Longest Lasting Nail Polish They've Ever Used

Every collegiette knows the struggle of loving painted nails... but hating when they chip. It seems like the every time we finish our manicures, we manage to ruin them right away. Since finding the perfect polish is always a top priority, we asked 7 collegiettes about their favorite nail polishes—all of which will guarantee you beautiful nails, without the chips!

Chelle, a sophomore at DePaul University: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color ($7.99 at CVS)

“Yes I know, on a college budget, it’s super expensive. But in my opinion, it’s worth the investment because instead of throwing away $5 nail polishes, I can have this one for years. The shade I’m currently wearing [has lasted] 9 days already!”

Laura, a junior at Denison University: Ciaté’s London Mini Pot Nail Polish and Effects ($8 at Sephora)

“[Ciaté] makes the caviar manicure and the velvet manicure sets, and they also have some of the coolest sparkly polishes. The [normal bottle] is expensive but they recently came out with smaller, miniature sized bottles [which are cheaper].”

Karina, a Boston University graduate: Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Polish ($9 at Pacifica Beauty)

“My all-time favorite nail polish is Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine. I got it last year and fell in love. It goes on really nicely, lasts a decent amount of time and I always feel polished (excuse the pun) when wearing it. I get lots of compliments and the color is a classic, deep red that’s elegant but fun.”

Krista, a junior at St. Joseph’s University: Icing’s Opaque Nail Polish ($5 at Icing)

“I love this electric blue. It lasts forever without chipping, and it’s always smooth! I have this color on my nails 80 percent of the time.”

Lauren, a senior at University of Texas Austin: O.P.I. Brights Nail Lacquer Collection ($9.50 at Ulta)

“I particularly love OPI because they have an awesome selection of great colors and the polish actually says on my nails for up to two weeks without chipping. OPI also sells a high quality topcoat and base coat. So if you use them, the color is even more likely to last! Their new bubblegum pink color 'Mod About You' is absolutely perfect for summer!”

Bethany, a junior at Liberty University: Sinful Colors Nail Polish ($2 at Walmart)

“I really like this nail polish because first of all, it’s cheap, but it also lasts a long time! I can go almost two weeks without a chip. There are also so many colors to choose from.”

Deanna, a Villanova University graduate: Essie Nail Polish ($8.50 at CVS)

“For something quick and easy from your local [pharmacy], I always go for Essie. Their color selection is very expansive, even though I always wind up walking out with a different shade of pink!”

No matter whether you love the neon blues or prefer the subtle pinks, every collegiette appreciates some good nail polish. And with these long-lasting, no-chip polishes, you can rock the perfectly manicured look for weeks at a time!