7 Celebrity Fragrances that Are Surprisingly Good

Whether they’re pop princesses or big screen sensations, the majority of celebrities release a perfume. It’s become so common that we’re not surprised to see another star promoting his or her new fragrance on the red carpet yet again. While most celebrity fragrances have the reputation of smelling not-so-fantastic, here are 7 perfumes from famous names that you’ll actually want to wear.

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw lovers, this one’s for you! This perfume will make you feel classy and feminine with its light rose scent and accents of apple, lavender and daffodil. It’s perfect to wear daily when you're hitting the streets of New York City.

2. Curious by Britney Spears

Post-“Baby One More Time” and pre-head shave, Britney released her first fragrance, Curious, which became the #1 fragrance in department stores in 2004. If you like vanilla and magnolia, then you’ll love this scent. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear a perfume with the tagline, “Do you dare?”

3. Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston

While she probably could have thought of a more creative name for her fragrance, this Friends star created a perfume that we would actually consider wearing. It’s very beachy with notes of sandalwood, amber and violet. The ocean also inspired the bottle, with its cool wave-like design.

4. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Inspired by Tay's song "Enchanted," this perfume will make you feel magical. With layers of green tea, raspberry and honeysuckle, you’ll love to wear this scent both day and night. Don’t forget to wear it with some red lipstick to really channel your inner Taylor.

5. Fame by Lady Gaga

Although we would never be able to pull off any of Lady Gaga’s fashion choices, her fragrance is pretty awesome. The bottle is super edgy and the actual liquid is black, making it a unique celebrity perfume. It’s a fairly rich scent with notes of belladonna, honey and tiger orchid and great for when you want to change it up from your usual floral fragrance.

6. Glow by Jennifer Lopez

With a combination of grapefruit, orange and vanilla, Glow by J. Lo is extremely light and subtle enough for every day use. The bottle is a little divalicious, but the perfume will make you feel fresh and clean.

7. Heat by Beyoncé

Who doesn’t want to smell like Beyoncé? Heat was Queen Bey’s first fragrance and it’s absolutely ***flawless. It’s a warm, spicy scent with hints of amber, orange and almond. It’s definitely sexier than your usual floral scent, making it perfect for a date night.

Which celebrity fragrance would you wear, collegiettes?