7 Beauty Tools You Often Forget You Need

If you dump out your makeup bag, you’ll probably find the basics: eyeliner, lip balm, bronzer and mascara. But what about a compact mirror or eyelash curler? There are tons of beauty tools that can make our daily routines so much easier, but we always forget about them. Here are the seven best beauty tools you definitely need!

1. Cosmetic pencil sharpener (with various sizes)

It’s harder to apply eyeliner when your pencils are dull. That’s where this double-bladed pencil sharpener ($2.50) comes in handy! With two sizes, you can sharpen any size eyeliner pencil on the go. After a few uses, open up the sharpener to clean out all the shavings.

2. Brush cleanser

We use our makeup brushes every day but often forget to clean them. With the buildup of makeup comes the accumulation of bacteria as well. We love Clinique’s Makeup Brush Cleanser ($15) to keep our brushes clean. If used monthly, the cleanser can help make your brushes last longer. Plus it’ll get rid of that yucky makeup residue!

3. Compact mirror

Perfect for fixing your red lipstick on the go, compact mirrors can be lifesavers. Now you don’t have to pretend to take a selfie to check if there’s something in your teeth or find a store window to fix your mascara! This pretty compact mirror from Sephora ($12) has two mirrors: One has 2x magnification (perfect for eyebrow plucking), and the other will give you a true-to-life image.

4. Tweezers/eyebrow brush

Make sure your eyebrows stay on #fleek between waxes with some good brow tools! Every girl needs a solid pair of tweezers, so try this pretty pink one from Tweezerman ($23). It’s designed to have a 25 degree slant, which will give you the best accuracy and precision. After you’re done tweezing, further fix your brows with an eyebrow brush. We recommend this double-ended brush from MAKE UP FOR EVER ($28), perfect for filling in and shaping your brows!

5. Nail buffer

You might have a few nail files lying around, but now you can get a salon-worthy manicure at home with this nail buffer block ($6). Each side has a different texture to file, buff, polish and shine your nails. It’s a quick and easy step before you apply polish.

6. Fake lash applicator

Fake lashes can be a pain to put on (especially trying to make them straight). But with a faux lash applicator, you’ll have natural looking lashes in no time! We recommend Sephora’s Bulls Eye Lash Applicator ($12), ideal for beginners who are new to the fake lash game.

7. Eyelash curler

On the other hand, if you want to rock your natural lashes, significantly lengthen and separate them with a good eyelash curler. Check out the Show Curl Lash Curler from Sephora ($17). It’s great for any eye shape and guarantees not to crease or tug your lashes. Add some mascara and bat those beautiful eyes.

Which beauty tool are you excited to use, collegiettes?