5 Ways to Style Short Hair at the Gym

You love rocking your short hair, but when it comes time to head to the gym, you may find it difficult to manage—how do you keep it out of your face when you can't even pull it back in a ponytail? You want it to look chic and cute, so follow these tips to manage your hair and keep it looking sharp, even during an intense workout.

1. Put bobby pins to good use

Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed bobby pins or a supportive banana clip ($5.99 at Amazon)! Both of these accessories help to firmly secure strands whichever way you desire. You can create fun styles and designs by placing the bobby pins in unique ways around your head. When you use the banana clip, gather all of your hair together in the back, then open the clip and allow it to grab hold of the strands.

2. Wear a headband

To hold your short strands back and to prevent them from getting in your face while you’re exercising, wear a cute bandana or headband and you’ll be looking stylish even when you’re sweating. It stays secure and if any small strays happen to fall, you can easily tuck them back into your headband with ease. If you opt for the bandana, you can secure it with a few bobby pins before you begin working out for extra support.

3. Product, product, product!

With a dab of pomade or hair gel, you can style your hair quickly and easily. Try the budget-friendly De-Constructed Pixie Play from Garnier ($2.70 at Walmart) so your hair will behave without getting too stiff.

4. Braid it back

Your hair might be too short for a standard braid, but you can always pull off a headband braid, no matter how long or short your hair is. Simply take the loose strands from the front of your hair, and create a braid that goes across the top of your head, just like a headband would be. Secure with a few bobby pins and you’ll be on your way.

5. Pull it up halfway

Your hair may be too short for a regular ponytail, but you can still keep it out of your face by pulling it into a half-pony. Plus, it's the perfect off-duty look (say, if you're going out for brunch after a barre class).

The next time you’re off to spin or headed out for a run, make sure you keep your hair fuss-free with these easy styles!