5 Reasons Not to Dye Your Hair

So you think your hair color is boring and you want a bit of a change for going back to school? You might resist the temptation to dye your hair after reading this, collegiettes! While you might be tempted to go blonde because you think you’ll have more fun or you’re considering dyeing your hair a darker brown for winter, be sure to think twice before doing this. Everyone knows that colored hair can be a little more difficult to manage, but most of us don’t realize how serious the damage can be. Be sure to consider these five problems with hair dyeing before you make your final choice!

  1. Your Hair Could Become Unhealthy

This is the big one, and the one we should all know about. A major consequence of dyeing your hair is that it becomes really dry and unhealthy. This is especially the case if you use permanent color or bleach. Sadly, this can make your hair brittle, which is when it can break or become frizzy. Neither of these are ideal situations, and the easiest way for you to avoid this is to stop dyeing your hair.

  1. You’ll Lose Your Natural Highlights

Some of us are lucky enough to have natural highlights in our hair that you can see when the sun shines. Ever wondered why your hair changes color slightly in the summer? It’s your natural highlights! However, if you start covering these with dye you’ll be lucky to see your beautiful, natural hair color again. Your natural hair color becoming dull is a common side effect of dyeing your hair.

  1. It’s Expensive to Keep Dyeing Your Hair

Whether you go to the salon or dye your hair yourself, hair dye is expensive! Especially when you consider that student budgets are tight, there are much better things you could spend your money on. And remember, it’s unlikely that you’re just going to dye your hair once – you could be looking at years of hairdressers bills.

  1. When it goes Wrong, It Goes Really Wrong…

We all know of someone who tried to dye their hair and it went purple; don’t be that girl. You need to be super careful when you dye your hair, because if you leave the color on for too long you can end up with a color that you don’t want or worse, you can burn your scalp. Ouch.

  1. …And It Can be Difficult To Fix

WARNING! If you dye your hair and end up with the wrong color, you can’t simply dye it back – you often need to strip your hair with a bleaching agent. Unfortunately this can only be done if your hair is in sufficiently good condition – so be careful collegiettes!

If the aim of dyeing your hair is to make it look better, then you might be doing the wrong thing. Your hair will look much healthier, and so much better if you allow it to be its natural color. This isn’t a horror story: if you do end up dyeing your hair, it isn’t immediately going to become dry and break off, but be careful when you do it, and if you can, consider going to a professional and doing everything you can to maintain healthy, strong hair after the coloring!