4 K-Beauty Essentials That Will Save Your Skin This Spring Break

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If you’re currently drowning in spring semester classwork and struggling in these super cold winter months, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. But despite the fact that these few months can feel a little rough, don’t forget about the ultimate silver lining of the semester — spring break. We’re already counting down the days until our vacay officially starts, and we’re definitely not hesitating on building our packing list. Brand new swimsuit? Officially shipped and on its way. Road trip mixtape? Finalized and ready to play. But what about the skincare and beauty setup?

Whether you’re planning on road tripping cross-country with your girls or sitting on the beach with a frozen margarita, you’ll want to make sure you’re set with the very best products to get your skin looking oh so glowy. Thankfully, we found the must-have K-beauty products that have naturally derived, sustainably sourced ingredients. As the #1 beauty brand in Korea, innisfree has all the skincare tools you’ll need to get that glowing goddess complexion.

Here are our top K-beauty picks you’ll want to stow in your travel bag this spring break:

Intense hydration for an intense glow

Let’s be real — no glowy complexion is created without the necessary hydrating products to get you there. That’s why the innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed is everything you need and more for maintaining that dewy look on your skin during the break. Filled with beneficial amino acids and minerals, this serum brings the moisture right back to your skin after a deep cleanse. Gently pat the serum into the face and neck right after cleansing for optimal absorption. You’ll see right after you apply that the glow is so real with this product.

Well-needed sun protection

Whether you’re lying under the warm sun rays at the pool, hiking in an uncharted mountain landscape, or even doing a little exploring in the city, protecting your skin with sunscreen should be at the top of your skincare priority list. Using sunscreen on the daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, no matter if the suns out or not, is a super crucial step that so many people skip. innisfree’s Daily UV Protection Mild Cream – SPF 36 is perfect for protecting against skin damage during your spring break trip.

Sheet masks during your downtime

These sheet masks are honestly magic in a little packet. Treat yourself to an on-the-go facial with an ultra-hydrating sheet mask. Have a sheet mask sesh in your hotel at the end of a long day to keep your skin feeling ultra-moisturized. The innisfree sheet mask is a must-have in your spring break travel kit and is super easy to throw into a carry-on or backpack. Plus, we can’t not mention just how Instagrammable sheet masks are, making for a perfect end-of-day selfie. Pro K-beauty tip: Use #onesheetmaskaday to keep that glow going all week long.

Double up on cleansing

After a day spent playing tourist in the town or relaxing on the beach, you’ll most definitely want to make sure you end the day with a cleansed face base before applying your face masks, moisturizers and serums. A key step in a Korean skincare routine typically includes double-cleansing — and no, double cleansing isn’t just washing your face twice. By using an oil-based cleanser first, you’ll clear your face of any makeup, sunscreen or excess oil. Next, use a water-based cleanser ensures all these oils and impurities are completely cleared, leaving you feeling fresh-faced. innisfree’s cleansers, made with organic green tea, are seriously necessary to complete your spring break nighttime routine.

Now that you’ve got all the inspo for building your own K-beauty kit, all that’s left to do is to find an on-trend travel bag for your trip to pair with. Want to win the ultimate K-beauty package from innisfree? Enter to win our glowy giveaway below!

Win K-Beauty Essentials That Will Save Your Skin

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