3 Tips for Working a Pixie Cut

Round Faces

If you have a round face like Michelle Williams, get a slightly longer cut with more body at the top to lengthen and slim your face.

Square Faces

Square-shaped faces, like Keira Knightley’s, look best with front bangs and layers to soften an angular face and jawline. 

Oval Faces

Since oval faces can pull off a wide variety of styles, you have more room for experimentation with your cut. For example, Emma Watson’s versatile pixie cut is an interesting option that is shorter at the nape but features long enough layers to tuck behind her ears or bring forward for a different look.

However, every cut comes out different, so if you have a great facial feature that you’d like to emphasize, you can ask your stylist for a variation that will draw attention to it, such as layers that frame your fabulous cheekbones! 

Another approach is to find a celebrity pixie cut you particularly love on a star with a similar face shape as yours. Bring in a picture and ask your stylist to recreate it. However, if there are aspects of celebrity pixie cuts you’ve seen that you especially dislike, it’s important to bring those in to your stylist as well so you can prevent them from recreating it on you!