3 Makeup Flaws You're Making (& How To Prevent Them)


We know you're daring when it comes to your makeup, and we applaud your efforts to dazzle the masses. But sometimes even the most makeup savvy of us get it wrong and look drab when we're trying to look fab. If you're making these three makeup mistakes, you still have time to change! The good thing about makeup is that it washes off, and you can always start over.

Makeup Mistake #1: Black eyeliner during the daytime

We love black eyeliner simply because it gives us a smoky, sultry look when we hit the bars and clubs at night. But...it doesn't work as well during the daytime. If you're going to the office or running errands, dark eyeliner, especially heavily applied, can make you look tired and haggard instead of sexy and hot. Nix the black eyeliner during the daytime and stick to light eyeshadow in a nude shade with only a single swipe of mascara on your top eyelashes during the day. You'll look wide awake and put together, which is what you want when you're out in the sun! Think natural and flirty for your daytime looks, and save the black liner for evenings out on the town.

Makeup Mistake #2: Overloading on foundation

Foundation is designed to smooth your complexion and hide minor flaws; it's not meant to replace your face. Slathering on foundation clogs your pores and can create acne and blackheads later on. You're also preventing your skin from getting the oxygen it needs to stay healthy. Yes, we know that that zit bothers you, but layering on foundation and powder will only make it worse and make it take longer to heal. Instead, dot only a skin-clearing concealer on your pimples, such as Neutrogena Skinclearing Concealer, and an undereye concealer to cover any darkness under your eyes. If you must wear foundation, make sure to get the exact shade of your skin (test on your jawline to be sure; foundation should blend perfectly and not show any telltale lines). We recommend using a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer instead of full-on foundation, though. That way, you're being kind to your skin while looking flawless.

Makeup Mistake #3: Obvious lip liner

Yes, we know that you want to draw attention to your lips; but lining them with a shade darker than your lipstick draws attention in a not-so-good-way. Lip liner can be really tricky, so sometimes it's better just to skip it. Moisturize your lips with a non-sticky lip balm before you apply any liner or lipstick. If you decide to go for lip liner, choose a smooth, creamy pencil, like Lancome Le Lipstique, and match it either to your natural lip color or to your lipstick. Line your lips with precision, and avoid going beyond your natural lip line. Then apply your lipstick and you're ready to go.