3 Instagram-Worthy Eye Masks That Actually Brighten Your Dark Circles

I am a huge supporter of anything that makes me look and feel Instagram-worthy. As a college student, my monthly income comes out to be enough for groceries (girls gotta eat), getting my nails done (priorities, right?) and dog food for my dog-child. I don’t have money to spend on facials or spa treatments, but like many of you, I NEED them.

That’s why I love when cosmetic brands carry affordable products that not only help me feel like the queen I am, but also help me look like one too. These eye masks always help my dark circles disappear, while also being the perfect way to glam-up my feed with a skincare selfie. 

KNC Beauty Star Eye Mask ($5)



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Perfect to use right before bedtime, these K-beauty babies give you a little bit of star-power while fighting puffiness and dullness. They are formulated with a retinol serum that keeps your eye area looking fresh, so you can wake up looking like you actually got enough sleep for once. 

Bliss Eye Got This Holographic Foil Eye Mask ($4)



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I swear these Bliss masks were made for standing in front of a ring light and taking 300 selfies. They are foil-backed with a little star pattern, and while it might just seem like decoration, the foil helps the mask hug facial contours and form a protective barrier that makes the serum more powerful. It's the boost of confident fun everyone needs, while still taking away the dark circles.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($25)



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Whether or not you're into in-flight skincare (*raises hand*), I can't deny the moisturizing power these masks have. The aloe leaf extract and lavender oil have a calming, cooling effect that feel like a whole spa day just for your eyes. Plus, these classic gold eye masks are now available in rose gold – AKA the queen’s gold. 

Any one of these masking options will wash away the stress of studying from underneath your eyes, and get you back to looking like the babe you are. Pick the option you find the cutest and have fun snapping those selfies!