26 Tiny Best Friend Tattoos, Because She's Your Everything

Best friend tattoos don’t have to be super flashy to show that you two are besties for life. If you’re looking for something that isn’t over the top, we found some of the most adorable tiny tattoos that you and your BFF will love. 

1. Dainty Bows



Best friend tattoos! #bestfriendtattoos #bestfriend #bows #forevertired

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2. Pinky Promise

3. Geometric Shapes

4. Harry Potter Goals



Best friend goals #bestfriend #bestfriendtattoos #hogwarts #harrypotter #nerdgirl

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5. Three In One

6. Lotuses

7. Perfect Together, Like Burger And Fries

8. Guac For Life



Today, my best friend @miriamk0zak and I got guaced 🥑 #bestfriendtattoos

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9. Cupcakes

10. Flowers

11. We Go Together Like PB&J.



Some BFF PB&Js from today

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12. Simple Stars

13. Galaxy Tatts

14. Matching Combs.



"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." On of the entries to my bucket list was to have a matching tattoo with the person I love. Little did I know that person would come in form of a determined, hard working, loving, understanding, loyal (among MANY other things) woman that I get to call my best friend. There's a power that comes with being able to choose; what you choose is definitely what you want for yourself because you know its good. Well, we chose each other to bear all the greatness and all the defeats. She's the #Ying to my #Yang, the #MoRocca to my #HanSorbo, the #Jimin to my #Yoongi, the everything to my everything. ❤ Now, lets officially scratch this one off the bucket list, shall we? I love you. #newink #newtattoo #matchingtattoos #bestfriendtattoos #girlswithtattoos #flashtattoo #Disney #Mulan #StarWormsKnowledge #bestfriends #waifu

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15. Anchored In Friendship For Life



Tattooed these Best friend Anchor Tattoos today. #anchortattoo#wristtattoo#bestfriendtattoos#spokane#pnw

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16. Puzzle Pieces



Sisters: We go together like..puzzle pieces 😉

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17. Infinity Flowers

18. Sun, Moon, & Stars



Our friendship will last longer than the sun, stars and the moon. @blajk & Leigh #21yearsoffriendship #bfftattoos

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19. Coffee Cups

20. Arrows

21. Wishbones

22. Aging Together Like A Fine Wine



Ems❤❤ #bestfriends #tattoo #bestfriendtattoos #wine #winebottle #bottle #matchingtattoos

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23. Out Of This World Tattoos

24. Hearts

25. The Swish & Flick

26. Coordinates