21 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Getting Her Hair Cut

Chances are, you've been through the nerve-wracking and totally awkward experience of getting your hair cut. No matter the cause of your visit—unsightly split ends, a craving for new color, or daydreams about a new 'do—you can probably relate to these thoughts from the salon chair.

The Waiting Room

1. You know what? I should totally try something spontaneous. I'm only young once, right?

adventure gif

Do I want to be eighty and regret never dyeing my tips blue

At The Sink

2. My neck is definitely going to cramp up in two seconds.

Mulan hair wash

I'm also staring right up the hairdresser's nose right now and feel super uncomfortable.

3. Wait... this actually feels kind of good.

cat bath

Maybe this won't be so bad?

4. Oh my god, can you just wash my hair forever? Please and thank you.

relaxed cat getting hair brushed

Seriously, this warm water and delicious smelling shampoo must be what heaven is made of.

5. Was that really worth an extra $20? 

Yes. Yes it was.

In The Chair

6. I have three seconds to choose a style... help! 

Everyone knows I can't be trusted with big decisions!

7. OMG... could I have been more ambiguous? Now there's WAY too much room for interpretation.

Wait... shouldn't I know what my signature style is called by now? I've had it for ten years. This is embarassing.

8. I feel so restricted. This cape is a straight jacket, I swear.

What if I have to itch my nose? Is it rude to answer texts? 

9. Yup. Definitely looking like a lunatic right now.

Those people in the waiting area better not be judging me. I'm rocking the foil look right now, okay?!

10. This hairdresser is awkwardly close to my face.

Do I smile? Ugh, that is definitely creepy. I guess I'll awkwardly look away.

11. Where am I supposed to look right now? 

I feel incredibly awkward just staring at myself in the mirror.

12. Oh boy... my RBF is on fire right now.

But like, I can't just sit here smiling.

13. Ugh. At least the small talk is over.

Now, please don't talk to me for the rest of this cut.

14. Okay, I appreciate you cutting my hair, but if you comb my ear one more time I might flip. 

I think my ears are bleeding. Help. 

15. Is my head down far enough? Oh no, I think I moved! Maybe she didn't notice... 

JK, she definitely did. There she goes moving my head again.

16. Hair. Tickling. Nose. Must. Resist. Moving. 

This must be some form of torture.

17. *Hair is still wet* Did she even cut anything off?

It looks the same and I'm confused.

18. *Hair begins to dry* Wait, now it looks too short!

With every blow of the hairdyer I watch my beautiful locks shrink in size. I think I'm going to faint.

19. What have I done?!

Why did I come to this horrible place?

20. JK, I look fabulous.

Okay, it's actually not so bad. You know what? I could totally rock this. I'm looking good.

21. Now, if only I had access to the magic you put in my hair to make it look this good... 

Why can I never achieve this look at home? What is your secret?