20 Instagram-Approved Fun & Colorful Best Friend Tattoos

Best friends are forever. And there's no better way to show everyone your friendship is bound to last forever than getting a tattoo with your BFF. Best friend tattoos are a fun way to celebrate your relationship, especially when they are totally personal to you. The tattoos can be matching, or they can contrast, or be a part of one whole. So if you're pondering getting a tattoo with your BFF, and want something as vibrant, colorful, and fun as your relationship, here are some ideas that may inspire you both. 

1. When you and your friend(s) are peas in a pod. 




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2. When your friendship shines bright like the stars. 

3. If your friendship has really blossomed. 

4. Because you two go together like PB & J. 



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5. Sisterhood knows no distance. 



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6. When your friendship is "dino-mite". 

7. Because "cacti" + "cactyou" = "cactus".

8. Birds of a feather flock together. 

9. When she's the mac to your cheese. 

10. Will we be friends forever? Even longer. 

11. When you both are social butterflies. 

12. Because you "donut" know what you'd do without your BFF. 



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13. F is for friends who get tattoos together. 

14. When your friendship is out of this world. 



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15. Because your BFF is the rainbow when your day is cloudy. 

16. Your BFF is your "avo" half. 

17. Ohana means family. 

18. Because your friendship is magical. 

19. When your friendship is cheesy. 

20. "Taco" 'bout an awesome friendship.