19 Struggles Only Girls With Short Hair Will Understand

We short-haired girls are supposed to have it easy. With as little hair as we have occupying our heads, you’d think flawless styling is a cinch. Whether you have a pixie, lob or other short ‘do, you know these 19 struggles all too well.

1. You still can’t get those effortless waves right

You’ve tried every method, but you still can’t master the easy, everyday wave.

2. You have to style your hair in the mornings regardless of how short it is

We don’t just roll out of bed looking like this. And we don’t even have the option of putting our hair up if we’re having a bad hair day.

3. You didn’t exactly get to retire your flatiron

Your hair still needs proper TLC. It’s really like everybody else’s.

4. There are mounds of unexplained hair in your shower drain

Less hair on your head does not equal less hair in the shower drain. It’s still there, and you still have to call maintenance to dig it out of your drain. The ew factor does not disappear after a haircut.

5. Flyaways, curlicues and rogue strands threaten to destroy your careful styling

If one hair is out of place, the world will know it. It’s a risk you cannot take.

6. There’s no conceivable way to put your hair up when you’re washing your face

The hair tie. The headband. Bobby pins. Nothing will keep those loose strands out of your face when you lean your head over the sink.

7. Workout hairstyles are even harder to think up

Same issue as #6. Just imagine yourself at the gym—sweaty and fed up.

8. You require more frequent haircuts

Your hair grows so fast that even an inch of growth won’t go unnoticed. Hence your monthly trips to the salon for the ever-dreaded trim.

9. The messy bun eludes you

Oh, how we wish we’d known you.

10. You look like a little boy when you attempt to wear a hat

That 10-year-old tee-ball player look is so not what you had in mind when you put on that beanie, baseball cap, literally any hat ever.

11. Your neck gets really cold in the winter and sunburned in the summer

Your always exposed neck didn’t ask for these methods of torture. But it’s the price you have to pay.

12. Pinterest hairstyles are useless to you

Sure, you still have a #HairGoals board. But it’s really just for dreaming.

13. You never quite look like the short-haired celebs you're trying to emulate

“I’ll have a Julianne Hough/J. Law mix. Just really goddess-like, flawless hair that photographs super well, please.”

14. There’s no on-point hair flip in your future

You can’t even stand in front of a fan for that sexy, slow-mo, hair-flowing-in-the-wind moment.

15. You can really only wear your hair one way—down

It just is what it is, okay?

16. Everyone wants to know “the reason” why you cut your hair off

Does there have to be some life-changing reason behind this decision? If so, we don’t have it.

17. Or when you’re going to grow it back out

“Thanks for asking. I’m really leaning toward never.”

18. People are constantly calling your haircut “brave”

Um, why? Because men supposedly don’t like short-haired ladies. Too bad we don’t care. If a short haircut is all it takes for a man to go running, run on, dude.

19. There’s really nothing easy about it

But you wouldn’t have it any other way!