15 Beauty Routine Tragedies All Girls Will Understand

Girls, we go through a lot. From figuring out what the heck to do with our eyebrows to always making sure our smokey eye is on point, there are so many things that can go wrong in our daily beauty routines that it's kind of a little tragic. Let's throw it back to all the times you claimed your life was ruined because one of these things happened to you:

1. Breaking a nail

That's at LEAST 2 weeks of your mani looking stupid.

2. Chipping your nail polish

Or worse yet, smudging your brand new mani. *cringes*

3. Forgetting you were wearing mascara

Panda eyes are the new black.

4. Uneven eyeliner

Every. Time.

5. Perfecting your smokey eye, then messing up your eyeliner

Life is literally so unfair.

6. Realizing that your face is 2 shades darker than your neck

Not quite the look you were going for ^

7. Watching your powder shatter in slo-mo

*bawls uncontrollably*

8. Getting foundation on your white shirt

RIP crisp button-up.

9. Plucking the one eyebrow hair you shouldn't have


10. Finding lipstick on your tooth


11. Forgetting chapstick on matte lipstick day

Taylor Swift doesn't have to deal with this sh*t. She probably has a chapstick guy.

12. Cutting yourself shaving

You coming at your legs ^

13. Forgetting that one spot behind your knee

You'd think you would have learned by now.

14. Squeezing too much moisturizer out

Figuring out how much you need is math you're not willing to do.

15. Not taking off your makeup after a night out

Pores. Literally so huge.