10 Minimalist Tattoos You & Your BFF Will Truly Live For

Let’s be honest, our BFFs complete us. They have left an indelible mark on our hearts, so maybe it’s time to take “BFF” to the next level and make some lasting art that the two of you can share. Because friends who get tattooed together, stay together. So if you’re looking for the perfect tattoo to show off your friendship, these minimalist tattoos are the perfect inspiration.

  1. 1. Because You Complete Each Other

    Because she is the one person who completes you, getting each other’s names in loosely written script is perfect way to celebrate your friendship. 

  2. 3. A Simple Flower

    Sometimes it’s the simple things that make your friendship so special. 

  3. 5. You Both Are Animal Lovers

    Whether it’s cats or dogs, you two have a soft spot for all animals that are soft and cuddly. 

  4. 7. A Pinky Promise 

    Because you can always count on each other to always be there and follow through on all of your promises. 

  5. 8. When Your Friendship Has Lots of Positive Energy

    When you find your soul sister, there’s instantly a spark. She is the light of your life, and your friendship brings lots of positive vibes into your life. 

  6. 9. Because You’re Lucky to Have Such A Great BFF

    It’s not always easy finding that one friend who will always stick by you, and just gets you better than anyone else. When you find that one special friend, you hold onto them because you really hit the jackpot.