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Zoe Hussain

New School '25

Zoe Hussain is a freshman at Eugene Lang College at The New School. Her ambition in creative and political fields defines Zoe’s experience. As an intern and volunteer with congressional campaigns and voter registration initiatives, Zoe used graphic design to amplify the messages of progressive grassroots movements alongside fellow students and voters. Beyond her mission to inspire widespread social and political change, Zoe incorporates art and fashion into her endeavors. Her experience at Duke University’s Young Writer’s program inspired her literary efforts, giving her the drive to be a part of various creative writing groups and continue sharing her work through spoken word. Zoe is a receiver of two Scholastic Silver Key Awards and 3 Scholastic Honorable Mentions for poetry as well as a recipient of a 2020 Nassau All-County Art Achievement award. In her free time, Zoe enjoys listening to music, drawing, and working towards her goal of creating meaningful dialogue about mental illness, social media ethics, and politics.
Contact info:
Instagram | zoooeemama
Email: [email protected]