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Savannah Miles

GCU '23

Hi! I am Savannah Miles! I am a Seattleite now relocated to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix and in my summers, Charlottesville, Virginia, who you can often find reading a book from my extensive Goodreads list, going on walks across campus, eating sushi or chicken curry while downing a Yerba Mate, drawing and writing poetry in the same green sketchbook my grandmother gave me, or attempting to motivate myself to go hiking or rock climbing in Arizona's blazing heat. I am passionate about learning and teaching history, so it makes sense that I now major in it, and a big dream of mine is to utilize my Spanish and Public administration minors by joining the Peace Corps after I graduate college. Topics that I can talk for ages about include feminism and sexual assault, human rights and subsequent violations occurring globally, ethical evangelism and healthy church ministry, and the history of abolition and slavery (since I accomplished a pretty lengthy research paper exploring those topics, and I'm quite proud of it!). I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions, and excited ramblings to a community of likeminded, intelligent, and powerful women and I hope my articles bring about new ideas, insights, and possible interests!