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Ryah Bunting


Ryah Bunting is a freshman at Howard University, majoring in Health Management, in pursuit of attaining an MD/PhD in hopes of becoming a Naturopathic Physician. Even though Ryah will be spending the next four years of her life in the city of Go-Go music and National Museums, her love for Old Bay and The Wire will always manage to remind Ryah that Baltimore, MD is her home. After all, there's no such thing as a half & half that isn't jumbo. Ryah's passion for natural hair and skin care regimens led to her interest in an all organic, red meat free diet. Which she then used to help co-found her mother's organic food and beverage company, Flush Smoothies and Juice. After which, Ryah knew it was only right to prepare herself for a career that would promote health, wellness, and the prevention of diseases and illnesses. Thus causing her to pursue a degree in Health Science. Upon graduating from Howard University, Ryah intends on attending Medical school where she will study Alternative medicine with a concentration in Holistic medicine and a specialization in Naturopathy. One day in the near future, Ryah will embark on her first, of many, business venture(s) by opening her own Naturopathic Physician's office and Health Center; with the desire of advocating for impoverished communities to have the option of using natural healing agents, and/or being able to have access to healthier food sources, i.e. urban gardens and farmer's markets. Ever since she was a young girl, Ryah has always felt the need to help people because she is a strong believer of the sayings: "If you are not poor enough to receive, you are rich enough to give" and "Be the change you want to see in the world". Hence the reason Ryah has dedicated countless hours participating in both food and clothing drives, civil rights marches and protests, as well as selflessly-motivated daily acts of kindness such as handing out blankets to the homeless and volunteering at shelters in her community. But aside from Ryah's passion in charitable work, she also enjoys spending time with her family, listening to Reggaeton/Dancehall/Calypso and traveling. Ryah aspires to use her "Black Girl Magic" to bring cultural, societal, and environmental awareness to her peers via the Her Campus chapter at Howard University.

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