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Mhyanif Lozda

FIU '26

Hey! I'm Mhya, lover of all things music, games, and nerdy stuff; and aspiring journalist/researcher!
Academic/Creative Achievements:
I was a member of the Literary Staff of the Coral Reef Sr. High’s Elysium magazine (Gold Rating awarded by CSPA), where students submit their artwork or literary works, and a select few are chosen to be on the magazine. My poetic work, “You and Only You,” was chosen to be on the magazine (through a fair and unbiased voting process, where I abstained from voting on the piece’s eligibility since I am the author).
I am currently working on a self-published book with my long-time best friend.
I volunteer for the Smithsonian Transcription center, where people can volunteer to transcribe historical documents to make them legible for the public.
I play Dungeons and Dragons, so I help organize games and work on world building for campaigns.
Work experience: I've worked as a sales assistant in Torna Tile, a tile store located near South Miami Heights. I'm currently working for Dr. Dean Heller, a cardiologist with an office near Sunset, Miami, as a clerk.

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