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Maddie Butchko

Yale '24

I am the Lifestyle and Wellness Staff writer and editor for Yale's Her Campus! I also am a writer for the Beauty and Style column.

I am a prospective physics and East Asian studies major. Now let me rattle off some facts to seem cool (kidding of course): I’ve gone backpacking around the world, like the Himalayas and the Alps. I love to read— I’ll read nonfiction science (for when I want to feel smart and want to kill some brain cells) and thrillers + cheesy romcom to imagine a little. I also play piano, run, do calligraphy, and eat way too much ice cream (but is there really such a thing as too much ice cream? The deeper questions on life that eat away at you or you can just eat ice cream). I might as well say I also am a lover of parentheses (and perhaps an abuser with how much I use them– apologies in advance).