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Jaimee Marshall

West Chester '21

Hello there, reader! My name is Jaimee Marshall and I'm a Senior Communication Studies student at West Chester University. I am a Her Campus contributor, as well as a Digital Marketing intern at MyHairPopz. A little bit about me: I have passion for writing and my particular interests revolve around Politics and Philosophy. Other hobbies of mine include cooking, amateurly playing the piano, dancing, gymnastics, meditation, constantly repeating the phrase "we should go to the beach" and I'm always looking for a movie or show to watch (right now I'm obsessed with MasterChef). Last year, I left the country for the first time in my life and ended up living in Australia for a year, which was a life changing experience. If you're reading this, put "holding a koala" on your Bucket List, right under "push yourself out of your comfort zone."

I'm extremely excited to be working with and contributing to Her Campus. There's an abundance of important stories, lessons, advice, and insights that should be shared with the world and I have always desired to be a part of a platform that encourages that. If something I wrote could affect just one person in any way, that is extremely meaningful to me.