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Jae J. Cooke


"True beauty is natural, whether you look like the next model or her assistant; it is all in how you work your true beauty. So rock hard and rock loud!"_j. cooke

HEY LADIES! I am Jessica J. Cooke (feel free to refer to me as "cookie jae" or "jae"). I am 23 years old and a senior English major at Valdosta State University. I love to write! I was born a writer; from short stories, poems, speeches, quotes, songs, etc. I desire to work as a fashion, music, or food editor; I believe as a writer, the true art in writing is being able to fruitfully paint an image of something you're either good at or take high interest in. My final career choice is public relations. I plan on taking on the important duties and busy schedules of any clientele that is willing to break barriers! I'm excited to explore the path of my future, but don't worry, you won't miss out. Catch me on the red carpet and in somebody's magazine!

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