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Harika Chandrasekhar

SJSU '27

My name is Harika Chandrasekhar and I am a freshman at San José State University. I was born and raised in California. My favorite part of California is the beaches. My personal hobbies include reading, writing, video editing, singing, shopping, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. I hope to form many connections in my time as a member of HerCampus. One of my goals is to improve my marketing skills and my social media skills. I would also like to improve my writing skills as well. Going back to my hobbies, I have been a choir student for the last 8 years of life. I will continue this path in my sophomore year of college. Some of my favorite books genres are rom-coms, fantasy, and mystery/crime. I was a very big Sherlock Holmes fan as a child. I would definitely like to incorporate some book activities into HerCampus. I am also a fan of public speaking; I was on the Speech and Debate all throughout high school. I hope to do a lot of public speaking as a HerCampus member. I am really excited for our socials, brand-partnering events, and chapter meetings. I cannot wait to see what every member will bring to the organization, and I cannot wait to showcase my skills as well.

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