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Cassie Doutt

UC Irvine


Hello There! I am a spirited young woman with big ambitions and goals! 
I am Maneuvering my way through Los Angeles with much grace and poise and an exuberance in my pursuits of an entertainment career.
In February 2012, I directed the full length play, "Red Light Winter" by Adam Rapp at the Nixon Theater. My production studied its arresting, and melancholic triangulations. This year I finished working on "The Rose Tattoo" by Tennessee Williams as First Assistant Director which went up at the end of January 2013 at the Little Theater, Irvine, CA.  I had the blessing of directing and producing "This Property is Condemned" by Tennessee Williams at th Nixon Theater (February 2013) at University of California Irvine. My biggest joys in life right now include the pursuit of my dreams in theater directing as well as finally obtaning my college degree in June! Its the final push and I absolutely cannot wait to continue my pursuits after college! Its been a remarkable journey of love, life, obstacles, and empowerment through college and I would not have the strength that I do now if it wasn't for my 16 year old sister surviving through her remarkable struggles. 
In my spare time I love to sail, work on music videos with indie rock musicians, take photogarphy of landscapes, people, architecture, read long novels, and watch my current addiction of Game of Thrones. I've been blessed to have a wonderful job as a Junior Executive in Public Relations and Art Management for an art restoration company. I develop the business' creative outlets and work with daily client acquisitions. 
If you'd like to visit my website please click on the link below to see some pretty cool photos of my two most recent plays.
Sending my love!
Cassie D