5 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Sorority to Have Fun in College

The college atmosphere depicted in movies is heavily influenced by Greek life, parties and hook-up culture. The cinematic experience forces you to overlook the stress of classes and instead focus on your cute TA and the upcoming costume party. While Greek life, parties, and hook-up culture are a substantive aspect of college, they aren't the only ways to get involved and have fun on campus. Despite what movies may highlight, there are many activities and opportunities to let loose, without being in a sorority.

1.  You have more time for other extracurriculars

What movies don’t tell you about sorority life is the massive time commitment you must make to be a participating member. Some people thrive in this environment, while others may have a hard time adjusting.

For Hannah Harshe, a student from the University of Michigan, creating her own extracurricular schedule is more important for her. “Sororities are super time-consuming, and you really can't do much else once you're in them because you have chapter and philanthropy and formals,” Hannah says.  “I am in several student orgs that I'm super passionate about, and I'm so glad I get to choose them instead of being told, ‘Here's your philanthropy this semester.’”

Getting involved on campus is extremely rewarding. It’s something you that you can look forward to in college that doesn’t involve academics. Just because you aren’t in a sorority doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in other fun activities on or around campus.

2. You can still attend fraternity parties

If the social scene is something you’re afraid you’ll miss out on if you’re not in a sorority, I have news for you. You can still go out if you're not in a sororityChances are, you will also have friends that are both in and out of Greek life that you can still hang out with. You’ll have a great time regardless of whether you wear Greek letters around campus or not.

Alexa*, a junior from Lehigh University, says, “Sorority recruitment didn’t work out for me as a freshman, but that doesn’t hinder me from going out with my friends at night and having an enjoyable college experience everyone talks about.” Alexa uses the tips in the linked article to still attend fraternity parties as a non-affiliated member. Many college students worry their social life will be nonexistent because fraternity parties seem to dominate the social life on campus, but it’s certainly not impossible with a little extra planning.

3. Most schools have late-night activities

Most schools have alcohol-free-late night activities if frat parties are not necessarily your scene, that allows you and your friends to bond with other people that you may have never met. In the same way that sororities organize sisterhood functions that allow the sisters to bond, your university most likely hosts concerts, game nights, and parties to also make the campus feel more inclusive.

If you’re feeling a little isolated, try looking at the flyers around campus to see if anything piques your interest. Perhaps there’s a local band playing nearby, or a charity that really inspires you. Socializing may not seem like the most productive thing to schedule into your calendar, but you’ll be happy you did it. Everyone deserves time to let loose and be themselves among friends who share the same values or interests.

4. You can still make real connections

At the end of the day, where you make your best friends doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether you made friends from a sorority chapter or in your bio lab, those connections are genuine. Emily Schmidt, a sophomore from Stanford University, doesn’t let her decision about not joining a sorority impact her experience at college. “I have tons of friends in sororities, but I chose not to rush and still have just as much fun,” she says. “I live in a co-ed residence, so there's always something happening, whether it's a Harry Potter marathon in the lounge or a pre-game in one of my friends' rooms. As long as you've got friends nearby, you're bound to make your own memories and have many great laughs.”

Think about it this way: no one was involved in Greek chapters in high school and yet still had sports teams and student government to bring them together. Perhaps someone who lives in your hall really understands your obsession with a current Netflix show, those connections are just as valid.

5. It’s not always easy, but you’ll find your home on campus

Whether or not Greek life is for you is something entirely personal. Although it may seem like the typical and easiest way to get involved on campus, it’s certainly not the only way. There are a multitude of organizations that may make you feel at home.

Mary Hilliard, a sophomore from Notre Dame, understands this concept as well. “Colleges have plenty of groups, clubs, teams and other organizations besides Greek life where you can meet awesome people with similar interests as you,” she says.  “Find something that interests you, and you are sure to find a group geared towards that subject along with new friends.”

If you have more free time, you can actually explore what types of groups and teams make you feel at home at college. As soon as you’re with people that make you feel comfortable, you’re bound to make fun memories.

While you’re navigating through adulthood trying to figure out your major and career aspirations, you’re also trying to find lasting and meaningful friendships. Because that’s what college is all about! Your goals should include learning more about yourself and having fun along the way. Some people may accomplish that through joining a sorority, while others don’t. Hopefully, these reasons give you some insight on why not joining a sorority doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in college.