24 Secrets That Sorority Girls Won't Tell You

Sorority girls do love their secrets. From the rules of recruitment to their carefully guarded rituals, some sorority traditions will just never be public. But all sorority girls have the following things in common: 

1. They love to eat

They have the online order for pizza saved on their laptops, and make frequent late-night food runs.

2. They totally stalk PNMs online

Everybody does it but pretends that they don't, and you always stalk (and fall in love with) your rush crush first.

3. Songs during recruitment are just as uncomfortable 

Yeah, doorstacks are weird and overwhelming. Just imagine practicing them a hundred times.

4. Recruitment is actually the worst

You can't feel your feet by the end of the week, your body is aching, you are running on four hours of sleep and there are five extra girls sleeping in your room in the house.

5. Recruitment is also the best

It helps make an incredibly strong bond between sisters that you may not have even talked to before. Plus, you get a new member class that you already love and adore.

6. Roommates become #squadgoals

Those who live in the house together have an endless supply of selfies on your camera roll, inside jokes to laugh about, and are usually with you wherever you go.

7. You find your bridesmaids before finding a boyfriend

Psh. Who needs a boyfriend? You've already planned your wedding sans groom, and your sisters make up the majority of your bridesmaids.

8. Social can be super awkward

You might as well call the awkward mixers sisterhoods, because that is who you surround yourself with.

9. Behind closed doors, they live in sweatpants

You may be polished in letters and pearls outside, but once you get home, it is a baggy event tee and sweatpants.

10. They are total wine enthusiasts

Wonderful day? Wine. Horrible day? Wine. Fail an exam? Wine. Finish the semester with all As? Wine. Wine.

11. Not all are crafting connoisseurs…

You didn't take a second little solely for the fact of not wanting to go through the week of crafting again.

12. Your little is more like your child than your little sister

You are responsible for her, always check up on her and boast with pride to all of the other bigs.

13. Everyone has a girl crush on that one sister

Have you seen her contour skills and winged eyeliner? Her style is always on point, her makeup is flawless, she is the nicest person ever, can we just be her? #wcw forever

14. Nothing is scarier than big graduating…

Big graduating = you are the active matriarch of the family, and responsible for all under you. Honestly, this is too much responsibility…

15. They love friendly gossip

It is one of your favorite pastimes, no harm, no foul, right?

16. Philanthropy competition season is the best

Yes, you will make huge posters for our big/little/glittle/ggniece, everyone else will have to deal with it.

17. But they are seriously passionate about philanthropy

There is no greater feeling than hearing how much money they raised for a good cause.

18. Summer is way too long

After about two weeks, you're already dying to go back because you missed your sisters.

19. Fines act as motivation

It isn't that you don't love your events, but sometimes you have a lot going on, aren't feeling well or aren't up to the activity. But fines, so…

20. Dues are often a big financial burden

But it is worth every penny, of course. You couldn't put a price on everything that your sorority has given you.

21. A lot of girls pay their own dues 

Hello, part-time jobs that totally interfere with time commitment.

22. You have friends who aren't affiliated

This isn't necessarily a secret, but sometimes it looks like you only hang out with other Greeks. You do have friends who aren't affiliated, and hang out with them just as much.

23. Library is our second home

Everyone has a minimum GPA, and study hours to fulfill, so Club Lib is always poppin' with sorority girls.

24. Sometimes it is too much to handle

Everyone has had meltdowns and thoughts of dropping, but the reason behind that ends up being the same reason of why you love and stay in the sorority.