15 Frat Houses That Look Just Like Castles

Though the stench of beer and blasting bass may keep you from feeling like a princess while at a frat party, quite a few frat houses from across the nation certainly appear to have come from a fairytale (from the outside, at least!)

Check out these 15 Frat Castles that house campus kings across the country!

1.  Syracuse University: Delta Kappa Epsilon

2.  Vanderbilt University:  Sigma Alpha Epsilon

3. Cornell University: Alpha Delta Phi

4. University of Wisconsin: Chi Psi

5. Kansas State University: Beta Theta Pi

6. Penn State University: Sigma Chi

7. University of Pennsylvania: Psi Upsilon

8. Indiana University: Beta Theta Pi

9. Cornell University: Delta Kappa Epsilon

10. Butler University: Phi Delta Theta

11. Purdue University: Beta Theta Pi

12. University of Kansas: Delta Chi

13. Kentucky State University: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

14. Lafayette College: Zeta Psi

15.  University of Oklahoma: Beta Theta Pi