"Why Her Campus? Why not? Her Campus has opened up more doors for me than I can possibly imagine. My summer was spent in every situation possible from physically handing my resume to The New York Times to having dinner with Intel representatives...all thanks to Her Campus. This organization has truly taken my love for writing, passion for success, dedication to leadership, and confidence to be a woman and placed it on the highest pedestal ever imagined. That's why I am a part of Her Campus and that's why you should be, too." - Jessica K., Campus Correspondent, Bryant University (original blog post)

"I love that HC continues to evolve and expand. It really shows how much work is being put into and as a CC I feel like I am a part of something amazing. I have LOVED the opportunity to practice my editing and writing skills as well as starting my very own branch. That experience will be amazing on a resume." – Kathryn S., Campus Correspondent, University of Tennessee

"[Her Campus is] an organization that really cares about women. My staff and I are close and I see them as my sisters. I feel the same from the other campus correspondents and staff. We want to make Her Campus better and better and I love that we are all in this together, even though we're spread across the country. My time working for Her Campus has been my happiest time in college and I want to share that with the women on my campus. HC Love!" - Hillary J., Campus Correspondent, Ohio University

"I love being a part of Her Campus because it's given me the opportunity to develop my leadership and editorial skills. Building the Lawrence branch at my school was truly an entrepreneurial effort that demanded perseverance and a level of unparalleled enthusiasm to build a dedicated staff. Watching Her Campus grow and based off of this amazing effort to reach 1 million visitors is a symbol of how amazing this initiative is." - Ariella M., Campus Correspondent, Lawrence University

"[At Her Campus William & Mary,] I found that I could try out a lot of things, be creative, and make friends with girls I never would have hung out with before. [...] HerCampus isn’t just for people who want to be journalists and writers—I worked on the social media team, and served as an event coordinator. Having HCWM on my resume helped me get a paid internship this summer at Gannett [...] working in marketing, the field I hope to work in someday. [...] I absolutely believe that in this club, we truly find ourselves being praised in our successes and our hard work recognized. HC W&M is my sisterhood, my outlet, and my career network. I have made great friends, and produced some great work. HerCampus shaped a wonderful freshman year for me, and I look forward to continuing on with HerCampus—my creative outlet, my job, and honestly, my family." - Harper Y., Campus Correspondent, The College of William & Mary (original blog post)