Take Flight

Job Opportunity: Apply to Work with the TSA

If you’re preparing to graduate in the next few weeks, chances are that you’re probably freaking out—especially if you’re one of the many seniors without a job lined up after you snag your diploma. While there are plenty of alternatives to starting your career directly after graduation, you know you’ll rest easier if you’ve got a job waiting for you. If this description applies for you, you should check out the job opportunities at the TSA! Read on for more information.

Plan Your Future with TSA Career Coaching

Preparing for life after graduation can be nerve-wracking. Where will you live? How are you going to get a job? And what on earth are you going to do between now and then? It’s normal to wish that you had someone to point you in the right direction as you make all of these life-altering career decisions. Luckily, such a person exists! Read more about TSA's Career Coaching services!