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  • 10 Tips for Curling Your Hair

    The first time I ever tried to curl my hair, I was 14 and it was for the Wizard of Oz production at my community theater. I had NO idea...

  • Pro Tips for the Person Trying to do it All

    I feel like fall semester is always the busiest semester. We’re trying to find new clubs, move up in clubs we’re already a part of, juggling back to school blues, and generally trying to do everything.

  • Best Exercise Classes To Take At Pitt

    It’s the Year of HealthyU at Pitt! That means the school is putting an extra emphasis on financials, academics, mental and physical health and your overall well-being. Contemplating taking an exercise class next semester to get into shape? HC Pitt has got you covered!

  • 7 Tips for Students Feeling Overwhelmed

    So it’s just a few weeks in to the semester and you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, a lot of us are feeling that way. It’s difficult to adjust from the relaxing summer and get back into the grind of homework, exams, and organizations demanding so much of your time. To combat this overwhelming feeling, here are some ways to relieve stress and get back on track

  • Fall 2017 Beauty Trends For Collegiates

    It seems like summer dipped out real fast – it’s already chilly most days and October is almost here! All the fall fashion weeks are over, and there were definitely some crazy looks (do you remember that smudgey lipstick and baby blue eye shadow? No thanks!). Here are some of the most wearable trends for the season, specifically collaborated for collegiates!

  • Clowns, Sewers, And Red Balloons: “It” 2017 Movie Review

    First of all, I am not the biggest fans of scary movies because I’m a jumpy person. However, my friends love them, so I’ve seen my fair share. They convinced me to go with them Friday to see Stephan King’s beloved “IT” remake. Many people have asked me if the movie was good, and I keep responding with “it’s hard to explain…”