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  • Spring Weekend Do’s and Don’ts

    Spring Weekend is the best weekend of the entire year! Us here at Her Campus have crafted a perfect list of Do’s and Don’ts for the weekend so you can make it a memorable one.

  • Everything You Should Know About GAMMA

    Her Campus sat down with Ana Deacon, President of GAMMA at Bryant University, to talk about Greek life, safe drinking, and new things in store for the organization.

  • Spotlight: Alison Simboski, Director of Relay for Life

    Her Campus Bryant was extremely excited to sit down with sophomore Alison Simboski, Director of Relay for Life at Bryant University, to learn more about herself, the event, and how the Bryant community as a whole can become more involved. Relay for Life is this Saturday, April 21st 2018, from 12-8pm on the Fisher Student Center Lawn (rain location: MAC).

  • Campus Celeb: Nika Nguyen, Candidate for VP

    HerCampus was able to talk to Nika Nguyen, a freshman here at Bryant who is looking to secure the Vice President position in student government for the next academic year. Nika is driven to improve life for the students here at Bryant University as well as create as much positive change as possible in her remaining three years.

  • Campus Celeb: Noah Pease, Candidate for VP

    Last but certainly not least, HerCampus was able to interview Noah Pease, the current Secretary of Student Senate who is looking to secure the role of Vice President for the next academic year. Noah, along with Kojo Appiah and Via Valenti, are looking to be the voice of the people and bring their Bryant experience to new heights.

  • Campus Celeb: Via Valenti, Candidate for Secretary

    HerCampus was able to sit down with Via Valenti, a candidate for secretary in the upcoming student election at Bryant University. Via is looking to be a voice for the people and hopes to make significant change alongside her running mates Noah Pease and Kojo Appiah.

  • Campus Celeb: Kojo Appiah, Candidate for Treasurer

    HerCampus had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Kojo Appiah, a freshman here at Bryant University who is looking to secure the role of Treasurer in the upcoming student election and is looking to improve the overall experience for Bryant students along with his running mates.

  • Favorite Places to Eat in Smithfield and Providence

    Providence and Smithfield have some great restaurants. Don’t know where to go on your next girl's night out or want to check out a new place in town?! Well HerCampus is here to help you! We have crafted a list of our 10 favorite places to go out to eat in Smithfield and Providence. Enjoy and we hope that you check out one of these joints soon.

  • Black Mirror Ranked: Most Feel Good to Most Messed Up

    We took the time to breakdown a hit Netflix original show, Black Mirror. This show is known for it's intense plot lines and dark content. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a new viewer, check out this article ranking the Black Mirror episodes (in our opinion) from most feel good, to most messed up.

  • Family-Friends-2.jpg

    37 Things to Thank Your Mom For

    It’s the little things that go a long way. This is a special one. Mothers cannot be replaced by anyone; ours hold a very special place in...

  • Sorority Spotlight: Devyn Vinson

    We sat down with Devyn Vinson, incoming President of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what Tri Sigma means to her.

  • Sorority Spotlight: Tayla Giuffrida

    We sat down with Tayla Giuffrida, incoming President of Delta Zeta at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what DZ means to her.

  • Sorority Spotlight: Gabby Leitgeb

    We sat down with Gabby Leitgeb, incoming President of Alpha Sigma Alpha at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk sorority life and what ASA means to her.

  • Why You Shouldn't Jump on the JUUL Bandwagon

    An epidemic is sweeping the nation and everyone’s very quickly jumping on this bandwagon before they even really know what they’re in for. The JUUL, an alternative to smoking cigarettes, has had a spike in popularity among young adults and it is not a positive trend.

  • Thanksgiving Is Not Just About the Food

    Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means stuffing, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes; what else could anyone possible ask for? Even though the main part of Thanksgiving is the food, it is not necessarily the most important part—the people you surround yourself with are.

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