This Brand Created Detachable Jeans That Turn Into Shorts & I Have So Many Questions

Jeans have really come a long way—from bootcut to skinny to even mom jeans, every style has had its moment in fashion. Now some of these cuts were definite faux-pas, and others not so much (hello boyfriend jeans!), but what about detachable jeans? IDK, kind of sounds like a mistake to me.

Y/Project has created an interesting way to wear denim, offering two options in one pair. The jeans have cut-out patterns with buttoned detailing, allowing you to easily remove the lower half and convert your pants into high waisted short shorts. 

Sure, it might sound over the top but it is technically functional. No need to check the weather anymore, because you're always a few buttons away from sporting a pair of cute shorts with these jeans.

The denim brand has also created other daring designs, such as this pair with cut-outs in addition to the detachable legs and these garters strap jeans, all available at Opening Ceremony for several hundred dollars.

Are these detachable jeans ridiculous or practical? The jury's up.

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