This Is Why Leslie Jones Was Our Favorite NYFW Attendee

When you attend a fashion show (especially if you're sitting in the front row), it’s a lot legs crossed, sitting still and looking fierce. Besides taking out your phone to get a quick Snap, it can feel pretty unexciting, even with all that glorious fashion in your face. 

However, in a pleasant change of pace, comedian and actress Leslie Jones did her best to break some Fashion Week norms by letting it ~all~ out at the Christian Siriano runway show on Saturday.  

As models tore up catwalk, Jones couldn't contain herself, and according to Refinery29, was seen loudly cheering them on. Twitter caught her shouting things like "Oh my God!" and “You’re beautiful! You’re beautiful and you know it girl!” while making some gleeful hand gestures, and honestly, we're really emotionally touched by this. 

Can all Fashion Week attendees be this enthusiastic and loving towards each other from now on? Please and thank you. 

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