What to Wear on New Year’s Eve: Outfit Ideas For Every Kind of Plans


In terms of “the most wonderful time of the year,” New Year’s Eve beats any other wintry holiday. Besides sharing a cinematic kiss with that cutie at midnight, this holiday gives us an excuse to dress up. Whether you’re going to a big bash or chilling at home, it’s your duty as a collegiette to put on a sartorially superior ensemble for this occasion. But searching for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit is not as easy as you’d think. After all, a black bodycon dress and platforms won’t work for your New Year’s Eve with your parents. Collegiettes, allow us to help you plan that awesome—and appropriate—ensemble for the most glamorous holiday of the year

Scenario 1: House party

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve in your hometown, there’s a good chance you’ll be invited to a few parties. Now is the time to impress your friends from home with an awesome outfit. If your ex from high school is magically at the same party and instantly regrets not trying that long distance relationship with you, all the better. The trick to dressing up for a house party is to keep your outfit fun without going overboard. “Try a little leather skirt with any kind of top, with black tights and flats,” says Kyle Alexandra, fashion stylist. “That’s what I think I’m going to wear for New Year’s!” Though a leather skirt may sound a little pricey, Alexandra assures us that there are plenty of affordable options. For example, Topshop’s Black Zip Detail Mini Skirt ($78) is sure to wow any crowd. Not to mention the faux leather look is cruelty-free! Style this edgy skirt with a peplum top—we’re loving Dorothy Perkins’ ($37)take on this trend. Not only is peplum all the rage, it’s also a perfect way to put your mature collegiette foot forward. Sport a pair of black tights and flats with this ensemble—our expert says that heels may be too formal for this type of party. Zara’s Shiny Flat Court Shoe  ($70) will give your New Year’s Eve ensemble a hint of sparkle. But what if you’re craving some more shimmer? Sydney Threet, a senior at the University of North Alabama and HC Contributing Writer, likes to jazz up her ensemble with sparkly makeup. “Working in shimmer with your eye shadow or nail polish is a must for New Year’s Eve,” she says. Add a pair of metallic earrings and you’re ready to take the party by storm. That girl who won “Best Dressed” over you will be super jealous of your ensemble.

Scenario 2: Girls’ night out

Who needs a pseudo-high school reunion when you and your gal pals plan to paint the town red? Whether you’re treating yourself to a delicious dinner at that trendy restaurant or are dancing the night away, it’s important to turn your sparkle on. And we don’t just mean your charming personality.  “I would go with a cute sequined dress,” says Dawn Del Russo, a fashion and lifestyle expert and author of 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle. “Just make sure it has a long sleeve if it’s above the knee, so it’s not too revealing.” Though it’s a little more expensive than other options, this French Connection sequined dress ($200) will be the center of attention no matter where you are! To balance your dress’s shine, pair this ensemble with black tights and a pair of black booties. If this dark ensemble is a little too drab for you, spice up your look with silver earrings. Channel your inner Edie Sedgwick by piling on the mascara. With a fabulous outfit on and your besties by your side, nothing can ruin your night.

Scenario 3: Girls’ night in

You and your posse don’t have wild plans for New Year’s Eve, but that shouldn’t stop you from having an awesome time—and a great outfit. Plan a chic dinner at your house, make some Carrie Bradshaw-approved cocktails (or mocktails if you’re underage) and spend the night dancing to One Direction’s latest album until the ball drops. Sounds wonderful, right? Unleash your inner slumber partier by rocking one of the latest trends: silk pajamas. Wait­-what? “A lot of designers are doing the silk pajama look,” says Del Russo. “You’re playing with the sleepover sort of look, but it’s still a little dressy and fun for New Year’s.” If you love scrolling through street style blogs during your classes- it’s okay, we all do it- you know that this cozy trend is loved by many fashion gurus. But what if you’re afraid you’ll look like Hugh Hefner? “If you don’t want to do the whole look, you could wear the pajama top with a pair of jeans,” suggests Del Russo. J.Crew’s silk pajama set ($128) gives this trend a polished twist. Finish your cozy outfit with a pair of “smoking loafers” and a stack of metallic bangles. To reach optimal glamour, finish this look with a luscious red lip. Trust us, everyone who stalks your “New Year’s Eve” Facebook album will wish they were there. 

Kelsey is a senior at Boston University, studying Magazine Journalism  in the College of Communication. As a magazine junkie and fashion fanatic, she loves being a part of the Her Campus team! At BU, Kelsey is president of Ed2010 at Boston University.  She has interned for Time Out New York, Lucky, Anthropologie, and Marie Claire. Kelsey also has a fashion blog, The Trendologist, where she covers the latest trends, fashion shows, and red carpet reports. When she isn't busy, Kelsey loves hanging out with her friends and family, shopping, reading style blogs, going for a nice jog, listening to music, creating baked goods in the kitchen, watching movies, and eating tons of frozen yogurt and sushi! After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work as an editor for a fashion magazine. Follow Kelsey on Twitter and Instagram at @kmulvs and don't  forget to check out her "Catwalk to Campus" blog posts!

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