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Something's different on campus. Every student you pass is plagued with puffy eyes, sebaceous hair and a horrid sweat-suit. "Were the Mayans right?" you ask yourself as you wait for your soy chai.  However, your usual café is packed with students who are drowning their sorrows in large cups of coffee. What gives?

Oh, now you remember – finals are just around the corner. 

Though you can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, this time tends to bring out the worst in a lot of us. And I'm not just talking about the rampant emotional breakdowns. The stress of finals make some commit major fashion faux pas. Since you're probably not spending your spare time styling your exam-approved ensembles, allow me to offer some quick and easy outfit options for the least wonderful time of the year. You might as well make this procrastination binge worth it, right? (Photo)

You may be cooped up in your favorite cubicle at the library, but don't use this as an excuse to sport a subpar look. Not to be dramatic, but you never know who's lurking in that cubicle across from you.

The key to rocking an awesome finals ensemble is mixing cozy clothes with standout accessories. Though leggings are usually our sartorial nemesis, reading week deems these acceptable. Since you'll probably fall asleep in your study clothes, you might as well be comfortable. Instead of pairing your leggings with a college sweatshirt, thus blending in with the rest of your stressed cohorts, wear an oversized sweater. Whether you have a cozy sweater or borrow one from your boyfriend, make sure your top covers your behind. Finish this look with a statement necklace, or a stunning pair of earrings, and basic ballet flats.

If leggings aren't your fashion forte, opt for a pair of pajama pants. No, I'm not telling you to strut around campus in your flannel pajamas. If you're not shamelessly stalking style blogs during your classes, allow me to break it down for you: several designers have created silk pajama pants. Tres chic. And unlike your typical pajama pants, this alternative is made for walking. Juxtapose the silky fabric by sporting a textured sweater. Take this ensemble to the next level with a pair of booties.

Or nix the pants and sport a sweater dress with thick tights. Completing this look is as easy as tugging on a pair of tall boots and wrapping an infinity scarf around your neck. Simple, chic and the farthest thing from wearing sweatpants.

If you're truly a fashion force to be reckoned with, I encourage you to take some style risks. Ladies, crazy times call for crazy styles. And if fashion is supposed to be a form of expression, shouldn't you express your inner chaos with your ensemble? So don't be afraid to try a daring hue or mix two potentially clashing prints together. Everyone will be too focused on their own work to question your outfit. But please proceed with caution-- you'll be pretty upset if your crush is sitting right next to you and your outfit is rather clownish. So be daring, but make smart choices! 

In the event your busy agenda has prohibited you from taking a good shower, please wear a hat. While a slouchy beanie is the obvious choice, opt for a stylish turban if you're feeling risky. 

But what if you accidentally slept through your alarm- in your study clothes, obviously- and need to be at your final in ten minutes? Tie your hair into a topknot and pile on the red lipstick.  Your classmates will think you're effortlessly fabulous, even though literally just rolled out bed.

Study hard, collegiettes!



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