What to Pack for Thanksgiving Break


For many collegiettes, Thanksgiving Break is the first chance to go home since the beginning of the semester. Now that it's just around the corner, it's time to think about what you'll be bringing home for the holiday. Instead of bringing your entire wardrobe home, lighten your load and pack only essentials. A handful of basics that are easy to mix and match will take up less space in your suitcase, not to mention make your styling choices much easier for a low-key break at home. You should also be thinking about freeing up some much-needed space in your dorm room, though, so make sure to pack the things you won't be wearing for the next several months. Plus, it will give you a great opportunity to bring back those things you forgot at home in September, too. Scroll through for our selections of what to wear over the break, what to leave at home, and what to bring back with you

What You’ll Need at Home

A nice dress that’s not overly formal is perfect for Thanksgiving Day, whether you spend Turkey Day catching up with your entire extended family or spending quality time with your parents. After all, it’s always fun to get a little fancy.

Rag and Bone Lily Cashmere Dress


A staple pair of jeans will work with everything from cozy cardigans to blousy tops for going out with your friends.

Madewell Jeans


For a break as short as Thanksgiving, there’s no need to bring a wardrobe of coats: just pick your favorite one that works best with everything.  

Splendid Glasgow Toggle Coat


Leave With Your Parents

In case you hadn’t realized – we’re a little surprised, too, frankly – it’s the middle of November, which for the majority of us means that the days of wearing sandals are long gone. By now, they’re just taking up extra space in your dorm room, so leave them at home until next spring.

Matt Bernson Two Tone Flat Sandals


The same thing goes for shorts and sundresses: trade these warm-weather pieces in for extra sweaters and scarves. Even in warmer climates, you’ll thank yourself come spring for taking a break from all the pastels and floral prints.

Urban Renewal Destroyed Denim Short


Trends to Bring Back

With all your sandals back at home, you’re going to need something on your feet, so what better to wear than a chic pair of boots? If you go to school up north, make sure you’re packing a trusty pair of snow boots, too. 

Madewell Archive Boot


As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing a big, chunky scarf can’t fix: whether it’s the brisk walk to your 8:00 am class or a late-night study session, you’re going to want a big selection of these during the colder months. Here’s a packing hint: roll up these bad boys inside your boots – it’ll save space and keep your boots from getting crushed. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Clara Contrast Scarf


Emilie Sintobin is a senior at Boston College studying French and Art History. A diehard fashion enthusiast and francophile, she dreams of the day she can return to Paris, where she spent a semester studying abroad last year. This fall, in addition to writing for Her Campus BC, she is also joining the Her Campus National team as an editorial intern. In her spare time, Emilie devours the pages of Vogue Paris and W, loves listening to oldies tunes, and can't get enough of a good old-fashioned dance party.

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