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How to Wear Colored Jeans: 20 Ways

Posted Oct 1 2012 - 9:00am
Tagged With: fashion, jeans, lists, pants

Confession time: you have a love-hate relationship with colored skinny jeans. Though you adore the funky pop of color, what are you supposed to wear them with? Hate to break it to you, but partial nudity is not an option (but you’d never do that anyway). Surprisingly, there are so many options that are contemporary and chic. To find the ensemble that works best for you, take a look at our style guide.

1. Give your pants a professional twist with a blazer

Dressing for an internship can be a little… boring. Refresh your internship apparel with your skinnies. “Because colored jeans are so fun, I like to give mine a polished look with a navy blazer and white tee,” says Katie Naymon, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University and HC Contributing Writer. Just make sure that this look obeys your internship’s dress code. You don’t want to commit a fashion faux pas, especially at the office.

2. Take on fall with a cozy sweater

When combating the chilly fall weather, your secret weapon is the ever-so-cozy sweater. For a funky twist, don a pair of colored jeans as well. If you’re feeling a little risky, rock your pants with a crazy, patterned sweater. Chaotic, but we like it.

3. Pair with a chambray

Deny it all you want, but you’re obsessed with your chambray top. Not only is it super hip, but you can also wear your chambray with almost everything. Though the denim-on-denim trend may be intimidating, the combination will actually look effortlessly chic. The best thing about this outfit is that any color will work!

4. Never underestimate the power of neutrals

This outfit idea is perfect for the girl who cringed at the aforementioned style tip. If you want your pants to be the center of attention, pair them with neutrals. “Depending on the color, I like to make the jeans the statement of the outfit, so I usually like to go with a more neutral top and shoes so my colored jeans really stand out,” says Jessica Salerno, a senior at Ohio University and HC Contributing Writer. The best thing about this idea is that a simple switch from a white tee to a black long-sleeved shirt is the perfect “day-to-night” transformation.

5. Color Block, Color Block, Color Block

To some, the phrase “color blocking” is scarier than a pair of Crocs. But don’t be afraid: color blocking doesn’t bite. On the contrary, it’s pretty cool. “I like to style my colored skinnies with a top in the same color family, but a different shade,” says Kim Horner, a senior at The College of New Jersey and HC Contributing Writer. “If I’m wearing teal jeans, I’ll pair it with a royal blue top.” If you have no idea what hue you should wear on top, your best bet is to wear a complementary color, which is a little different from Kim’s vibrant trick. Um, a complementary what? Time to take out your color wheel from your kindergarten class to figure it out. The trick to using a color wheel is to choose colors that are opposites. For example, add a yellow top if you’re wearing purple jeans. Don’t worry collegiettes—color blocking will be a breeze soon enough.

6. Rock a leather jacket

Usually, colored jeans don’t scream, “rock and roll.” What are you supposed to do when all you want is a super hardcore ensemble? Put on a different pair of pants? You could, or you could add a leather jacket to your colored jeans. The edginess of the jacket coupled with your perky pants will create this awesome contrast that everyone in your lecture will secretly love.

7. Polo prep-fection

Calling all Lily Pulitzer fanatics: this is the look for you. Maximize your prep status with ballet flats and pearl earrings. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed prep, sport an oversized polo.

8. Go wild with prints

If you love to make a fashion statement, you must sport your colored skinnies with a patterned top. With a ton of different prints to choose from, how could you not want to give this trick a try? Subdue this look with more refined patterns, such as stripes or polka dots. Get ready to get a lot of attention with this outfit – all eyes will be on you.

9. Simple with a button-down

Nothing’s better than a button-down shirt: easy to wear, versatile, and absolutely classic. Since your ensemble is essentially a blank canvas, you have the choice to add accessories or channel your inner minimalist. If you want to sport a polished look, wear a neutral button-down. For a saucy alternative, pair your skinnies with a vibrant top.

10. Keep it casual with a tanktop

If you’re a laidback kind of girl, keep it simple with a cute tanktop. Give this ensemble a chic twist with awesome hair or makeup. How fantastic does a fishtail and smoky eye sound?


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