She Says Harem, He Says "Scare-em": Things Girls Wear That Guys Don't Get

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“Man Repelling” 101: Harem Pants
Harem pants, gold, metallic, unflattering, green blackFashion blogger Leandra Medine of “The Man Repeller” blog defined man repelling as “outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex,” and harem pants are number one on her list of outfit examples. A survey conducted by Cosmopolitan Australia shows that of a list of 10 fashion options, 38 percent of men said harem pants were their least favorite. Leandra, who notes on her blog that she has “never met a drop crotch I didn’t like,” says in the Telegraph that harem pants may just be the greatest man repellant of all time. “I’ve said before: mine are so roomy they could sleep an army,” she says. “The only problem here is that the members of this hypothetical army would probably take their chances and opt to seek refuge elsewhere.”
“That’s tight.”
No, when your guy says that, he is not referring to your second-skin layer, even though you think they’re pretty tight (in every possible meaning of the word).
floral solid animal tights Unless you’re wearing sheer, lacy bits held up by garters, guys don’t appreciate tights – black, leopard print or floral. “Tights or stockings with serious patterns scare me,” Ben says. HC Contributing Writer Erica Avesian, a junior at University of Michigan, agrees, saying that she’s noticed guys particularly dislike when shorts are worn over tights. So girls, even though those tights make you feel skinnier or are hiding the fact that you’ve neglected to shave for the second week in a row, guys like it better bare. Not surprised? Me neither.

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