Rihanna & Beyoncé's Stylist Is Launching a Collection with Ikea & We Already Want Everything

"Fashion activist" and all around creative genius Bea Åkerlund is taking a break from styling pop icons like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and stepping into the interior design scene. The Stockholm native is teaming up with Ikea to release her limited-edition OMEDELBAR line. The collection, which translates to "instant" in English, captures the essence of Åkerlund's playfully modern aesthetic. 

Bea cites growing up in L.A. as a "club kid" as one of the biggest inspirations behind OMEDELBAR. "“Every day was like my runway, every day a new character. So I’d theme-dress, and that was my weapon. It was my weapon to communicate to the world who I was," she told Ikea Today. Behind the eye-catching glass top hats and red lip pillows runs that signature theme of self-expression and creative freedom. “It’s a collection that allows for not taking life so seriously. I want people to have a little fun in their lives. You can get one hand and put it on the wall, or 100 hands and turn it into a piece of art. Buy one lip pillow, or buy 20 to create a lip pillow ocean. Fill the hat with anything: from apples to your collection of buttons, to your bathroom essentials. It’s really all up to you.”

One part of the collection I'm particularly stoked about is the 3D printed hands. Although they can be used in a variety of ways, they're absolutely perfect for storing and displaying your favorite jewelry! Hopefully, as we near the release date, more details (and maybe new pieces?!) will be introduced. Until then, we'll just have to settle for these gorgeous pictures. 

Quench your red lip pillow obsession when Bea's OMEDELBAR collection hits stores March 2018! 


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