Rachel Lindsay Wore a 30-Pound Gown to Her Final Rose Ceremony


It's official. Season 13 of The Bachelorette is over, and *spoiler alert*, Rach chose Bryan. Whatever your opinion on her final choice is, you can't deny that she looked absolutely stunning during her very last rose ceremony. One thing you might not have realized though - that gorgeous silver gown weighed 30 lbs


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Designed by Randi Rham, the dress featured intricate beading from head to toe, along with a super high slit held together with some delicate silver threading. Apparently, this dress was one of the easiest choices Rachel faced during the season. "Once Rachel saw the dress in person, there was no question which gown she was going to pick. This was the clear winner," Rahm revealed in a statement to People. Still, I'm wondering how she managed to make it look so effortless!


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