How To Spend The Night… And Not Look Like A Mess

Problem: I’m not sure what I’ll sleep in! What should I do?

Let’s face it: you’re probably already nervous as it is because you’re not quite sure if you’ll be staying the night or what will happen if you do stay the night.

Take three deep breaths and read on.

Solution #1: Bring cute panties
Forget about bringing extra clothes. Just bring an extra pair of undies for the morning then borrow the rest! You can easily scrunch them up and sneak into the bathroom in the morning to change into them without him looking. An extra pair of underwear can make you feel clean, even if you’re in the same clothes from the night before when you leave his place. As for what type of underwear to wear to bed, you never know what will happen overnight. Connor, a student at Northeastern University says, “Bring something you’ll be comfortable in. If that means wearing lingerie, then you should do that, but boy shorts are just as sexy and you’ll probably be more comfortable while sleeping wearing that than a g-string.”

Solution #2: Borrow his clothes
“If I think about pajamas when I sleep over his place, I might as well consider him another best girlfriend! But, I like to play it safe,” says Genevieve. “I don't bring PJs. When it comes to sleeping logistics, I ask for something of his, which I always find intimate. Guys’ stuff always is so soft and smells awesome. But I will ask for a big t-shirt in a bit of a flirty way. Asking for something of his lets him know you're not just jumping into bed naked, but there's a good chance you will be getting skin-to-skin.”

Clint, a student at UT Austin, says, “I think there is nothing sexier than having a girl wear my sweatpants or one of my button-up shirts. It makes you feel more connected and open. Sweatpants are what a guy wears when he wants to relax and just be comfortable. When a girl shows that she wants to wear a guy’s sweatpants it signifies that she feels comfortable around him enough to not feel the need to impress him.”

Problem: I know I’ll look like a mess in the morning and want to reapply my makeup and freshen up my look. What should I do?

Solution #1: Bring the basics: liquid foundation and lip balm.
It’s almost a fact. Most of us girls have to apply some kind of makeup in the morning. We all have our own beauty regimen—whether it’s simply applying foundation and lip-gloss or a little more extensive routine that involves brushes and bronzers. However, when you’re touching up in the morning in someone else’s bathroom, only the basics are necessary so that you’re not in there forever.

You should always bring a small plastic bag or one of those travel-sized cases that can be purchased at a drugstore (not the ones with all the compartments) with a few of the necessities. If you feel that you need foundation, bring the liquid kind and a small pocket mirror. That way you can make a quick trip to the bathroom and touch up, or even do it in his room while he’s in the bathroom. Lip balm is always good because after a long night of locking lips, some moisturizing will definitely be necessary.

Also important when staying the night: Bring the birth control. You don’t know if you’ll make it home by 9 a.m. to take your next pill, so bring it with you—just in case. You can either bring the whole package or just take out the pill and put it in the zipper pocket or your purse. 

For more alternative solutions, here’s what other collegiettes™ suggest!

Solution #2:
Kristie, NCSU, says, “I usually just clean up my face in the bathroom and apply some new foundation so I look decent on my journey back to my place. Bring a mirror and some foundation so you can freshen up your look in the morning. You don’t have to go all out with mascara, blush, and eyeliner. Just have the basics—you’ll probably be glowing from a great night anyway!”

Solution #3: 
Alana, University of Texas at Austin, says, “I run to the bathroom in the morning and try to remove my eye makeup and make sure my hair doesn’t look crazy! Also, dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver! Together with a small brush, it instantly makes hair have volume at the roots.”

Solution #4:
Amanda, University of South Florida at Saint Petersburg, says, “Almay’s makeup remover pads and wipes usually do the trick if I slept in my makeup. I also like my Stila for J.Crew compact in Petunia, which is a cream lip and cheek duo. It gives just the right amount of color to help you look refreshed. I also bring my Kate Spade Twirl perfume roller ball and hair elastics.” 

Solution #5:
Genevieve, Hunter College says, “Ladies: keep it short and sweet. Don't bring a whole pharmacy's worth of crap. Wash your face, brush your teeth and floss, apply moisturizer, and a little lip balm or gloss. More importantly, don't forget you two aren't on that comfy level yet, and this is no time to reveal all. Don't spend time picking your zits in the mirror like you normally would, or apply zit cream that stinks. DO NOT wear a retainer if you normally do (at least tonight), that's nasty. Keep it simple and sexy. I wear contacts, so I always bring my glasses, and I change in the bathroom.”

Whether you’re forward about your routine or not, remember to stick to the basic and simple essentials. Follow this HC guide, but most of all, feel comfortable with whatever clothes or makeup you are in. Feeling comfortable will make the date night a better night for both you and your boy toy. Note: It’s important to realize, like Kathryn, student at University of Tennessee - Knoxville says, “Don’t try too hard. Guys know you don’t wake up looking perfect. Freshen up so you feel attractive and confident, but don’t worry about getting completely fixed up!”

Bottom line: Have fun, be comfortable, try not to feel pressured, and touch up when you can!

Michelle Golden is a senior Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson College working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts. A transfer from Ithaca College in upstate New York, Michelle moved to the center of the Theatre District right outside of the Boston Common at the beginning of her sophomore year. Michelle is the relationships editor for em magazine, Emerson’s only campus lifestyle publication and previously one of the features writers. She has interned at OK! Magazine and Us Weekly in New York in the beauty department. She is currently interning half the week at Her Campus and the other half at Cosmopolitan. Michelle has also been actively involved with Teen Voices magazine located in Boston, Massachusetts working with teen girls all over the world and Music Unites, a non-profit based in New York City that raises awareness and funding for music programs in inner-city schools. Email her at [email protected].